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Archive for Month: September 2016


Heroin Epidemic: Carfentanil

While it is not a biblical article, this secular online report from The Rolling Stone recognizes the heroin overdose epidemic that is occurring in several mid-Western states. If you aren’t familiar with the recent problem, here is a summary for you from a different article about Hamilton County (home of Cincinnati): Authorities have said nearly 300 overdoses have been reported […]


National Transformation (not Recovery) Month

Ok, Ok, I get it. Recovery is the word everyone recognizes with addiction. And Recovery is a very good thing if you have a surgical procedure! Let’s face it, you either get wheeled into the recovery room or into the morgue after surgery so Recovery is a very good word in that sense! But that’s precisely the problem with the […]


Why I Don’t Drink

I read a superb article called “Four Reasons I Don’t Drink Alcohol” which are contentment, love, sobriety, & wisdom. I encourage you to read the article linked above and to think about your heart desires on this issue and why his reasons ultimately are for the glory of God. Of course, for my brethren who do drink alcohol, I completely understand […]