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A Blog about A Blog!

I guess that it is more normal than I realize to blog about another blog. That is not so unusual though I don’t do it often. In this case, however, I’m blogging on our TIL blog about a blog I wrote for the BCC – the Biblical Counseling Coalition at www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org – which is being posted today and tomorrow.

I wrote about the importance of DISCIPLE-MAKING!

It’s a two part blog (I write too much usually)! It is important to me that we all obey Matthew 28:18-20 and MAKE DISCIPLES. That’s what Jesus did and we must continue to do – make committed followers of Christ (not just good church attendees).

For an abbreviated website connection, use  http://bit.ly/qpauVb  and go to the blog directly.

For those of you who do not know, the BCC is a new, national organization seeking to bring more unity to the movement of biblical counseling. My involvement with them is motivated by a desire to see God alone glorified as Christ is the solution to every one of man’s spiritual problems!

-Mark (challenging us all to get back to the basics of disciple-making)