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Life Lessons: Casting Our Cares on Him

“Worry, worry, worry. I think I’m worried about all that I’m worried about.” Worry and anxiety can be overwhelming if we allow it. Thankfully, God has given us His words of comfort about His character and very practical ways in the Scriptures to live by faith rather than fear. For example, let’s read Matthew 6:25-34, and learn what Jesus Christ […]


Our Missions Trip to Dominican Republic

Before our trip, I wrote a blog post about the Dominican Republic. Here is the link: Dominican Republic orphanage Well, today, we’d like to give a brief update on how our missions trip went from my children’s perspective. I’ve asked them to share a little bit about what they did there and how they liked it. Mark Jr. (19 years old): The […]


3 Phrases to Describe Biblical Obedience

Teaching children the importance of biblical obedience is vital in parenting. Significantly, it’s good to keep in mind that we sin against a holy, heavenly Father just like our kids do. If your child does sin against you by disobeying, a good question to ask yourself daily is this: “Am I responding the way my Heavenly Father would respond to […]