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3 Phrases to Describe Biblical Obedience

Teaching children the importance of biblical obedience is vital in parenting. Significantly, it’s good to keep in mind that we sin against a holy, heavenly Father just like our kids do. If your child does sin against you by disobeying, a good question to ask yourself daily is this: “Am I responding the way my Heavenly Father would respond to […]


A letter from Sarah Shaw about traveling to Romania with her dad

  Sarah Shaw and her dad, Mark Shaw   Dear Family and Friends, My dad is being sent by a church in Kentucky to go to Romania to teach his addictions material in November of this year. Along the way, he’ll also be doing some ministry in London, England. We leave Thursday, November 6, 2014, and return home on Sunday, […]


Why Some Women Want a Man Around

Now, this blog is written in a spirit of fun so just relax and try not to get offended when you read it, Ladies! We’ll pick on the Gentlemen next! Having counseled for thousands of years now (ok, not that long but it sometimes seems like it), I find it interesting when a woman says “I want to have a […]