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Biblical Counseling


Let me introduce you to Charlotte Thornton!

Today, I have the privilege to introduce to you a long-time Truth In Love volunteer biblical counselor for over 3 years now. She’s served the Lord in so many different facets of ministry … that it’s hard to list them all! But I’ll try my best and hope I got ’em all! Currently, Charlotte Thornton is a mentor/disciple-maker of women at Glen […]


Paul the Counselor is Released!

Glean biblical insights from 23 leading biblical counselors from all over the United States. Some of the writers in this book include Bill Hines, Ed Bulkley, David Tyler, Howard and Pam Eyrich, Herbert Gooden, Jeff Young, Tim Mullet, Alonza Jones, Shirley Crowder, Fred Bucci, Tim Keeter, Kurt Grady, Phil Price, and the list goes on! It was a joy to write and edit […]


There is HOPE for video game, TV, and internet addiction!

You don’t have to feel depressed, hopeless, or angry about your “unfixable” problem of “addiction.” The Lord provides HOPE and practical HELP for Internet, TV, and video game addiction in His Word, the Bible! In today’s modern day and age, video games are getting more popular, television is advancing, and internet is spreading (add cell phones to this list, now, […]