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Celebrate Recovery Concerns (part 1)

The C.R. program is incredibly well-organized. Its materials are second to none in terms of packaging, readability, and presentation. Plus, those involved in the C.R. program at thousands of churches around the country are very enthusiastic about it and have hearts to help hurting people. I will go so far as to say that C.R. has helped people by God’s […]


Heroin Epidemic: Carfentanil

While it is not a biblical article, this secular online report from The Rolling Stone recognizes the heroin overdose epidemic that is occurring in several mid-Western states. If you aren’t familiar with the recent problem, here is a summary for you from a different article about Hamilton County (home of Cincinnati): Authorities have said nearly 300 overdoses have been reported […]


15 Years of Brain Research Invalidated?

Some of my unbelieving acquaintances in the scientific world think that “science” is infallible. Those same friends consider God Almighty to be fallible. As a Christian, I see it in the exact opposite manner: God is infallible, science is fallible. Recently, a study conducted to validate 15 years of scientific findings using MRI technology concluded that they found 70% of […]