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Encouragement about this upcoming blog series

I received a call TODAY from a senior pastor who said: “that Addiction-Proof Parenting book is brilliant because of how you lay out those 5 mentalities. I think it is better than The Heart of Addiction and is the best book you’ve written.”

He said that his associate pastor is teaching a class based on the book in the St. Louis area and that they have developed a pre-assessment tool for parents to use BEFORE they take the class to see how they are doing as parents. He said they have developed a post-assessment tool, also, to see how well they have changed as a result of taking the class. I love it when people take my “stuff” and improve it or make it more practical. Exciting!

I was having a tough day (car trouble, bad news on our house, and other temporary things) and God sends an encouragement through this dear brother in Christ. How cool is that?

So, read these 5 blogs about the 5 mentalities and 5 marks of a transforming “addict” knowing that people are understanding what my heart’s intent was in writing the Relapse book and the parenting book. I want people to be able to see the fruit of what to look for in the lives of the people they counsel.

-Mark (giving God all credit for sending this dear brother to encourage me on a harder day than usual)