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Looking Forward to a Solid New Year of Ministry!

We are extremely excited about all of the opportunities to glorify God by speaking the truth in love to those struggling with significant issues including addiction, anxiety, depression, anger, suffering, and more. Biblical counseling offers real hope and practical help to all persons. It is a way of life that Jesus Himself modeled before us as He spoke God’s Word in a compassionate manner to those around Him. This included the scoffers as well as the sufferers. He also included His own disciples who relied upon the Word of God to live by faith. Jesus offered hope and practical help to them, also. Biblical counseling is not a formal, professional model but an informal opportunity for believers to live like Christ by sharing the hope of God’s Word with those they encounter in every day situations. It is an honor to be able to point people to the absolute truth contained in God’s Word. Everyone needs it!

Starting in February, Dr. Mark E. Shaw will be working full-time hours for Truth in Love Ministries. The focus in 2018 will be upon consulting, counseling, teaching, training, and speaking the truth in love in the Indianapolis area, the U.S., and overseas. 10 years ago TIL started its ministry in Birmingham, AL, and ended up serving 16 churches and organizations in that local area. There were a variety of denominations represented in those 16 groups which thrills my heart to think about the partnerships with other groups in the body of Christ who might not always agree about every point of doctrine. Those partnerships make me smile!

So that’s the plan in Indianapolis: focus on local churches and organizations that want to partner together to provide biblical solutions to everyday problems and to the more difficult issues like addictions of all types. Please pray for wisdom and discernment in the coming days as we desire to see the Holy Spirit lead us to accomplish God’s goals.

We believe 2018 is going to be a prosperous year for the Kingdom of God and His people in terms of spiritual blessings in the Indianapolis area.

-Mark (grateful to be serving as the Founder and President of Truth in Love Ministries)