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Our History

(2007- present)

Truth in Love Ministries began in 2007 as an innovative, on-location ministry to the Body of Christ through the local church. Our staff team traveled to local churches to establish a biblical counseling, discipleship, and mentoring ministry at each partnering church. While serving the church members and the surrounding community as outreach, we taught and equipped the church leaders and saints to competently provide shepherding care for God’s “flock” of children (I Peter 5:2).

Truth In Love sought to relieve the pastor and shepherding staff of some of the ministry load by equipping the saints to do the work of ministry in counseling in addition to (and in submission to) the pastoral staff. The long-term goal of Truth in Love’s presence in those local churches was to have successfully trained and mentored leadership that will maintain and grow the personal ministry taking place within the body. At that time, Truth in Love fully committed the oversight of the ministry to the local church body, moving on to other places of ministry.

Truth in Love assisted 15 various Birmingham, Alabama area churches and organizations over the years of team ministry training. The transformed lives and families we were privileged to impact continue to be a great blessing to us.

Today, a more streamlined vision has emerged. While Dr. Shaw continues to be a sought after speaker for biblical counseling training all over the U.S. and in many other countries, he has made a clarion call to churches across the nation; the reponse has been overwhelming and encouraging. A national team of leaders has emerged who are eager to train churches to be the first place of hope and help for those struggling with sins of an addictive nature. This network of passionate biblical counseling leaders, known as The Addiction Connection, is a direct outreach of Truth in Love Ministries. More information on this exciting development can be found here.

If you would like to know more about what we believe we have created this page for you!