Surprised by Drug Bust in Her Own Home

Imagine you are watching a drug bust into a home and much to your surprise, you recognize the house. It’s your own home! That’s what happened to Kaitlyn Endres as reported in a Jacksonville news article. She said she was surprised about a drug bust in the home she owns and vacated after an estrangement from her husband.

I am sure that the drug bust was a surprise to her but what likely is not a surprise (in my opinion) is her husband’s drug use. This brief article does not explore the history of his drug use, etc.

I appreciate this Clay County Sheriff’s efforts to bring consequences into the lives of those who desperately need a change! God will use these arrests to get their attention if the criminals recognize it.

Drug addiction issues continue to plague all communities and I have good news: we have a solution in Christ and His community, the local church. Let’s work together to combat the epidemic of drug usage in the world today.

-Mark (surprised at the lack of urgency in many folks, including the local church, to serve the addicted souls who need to be addicted to Jesus)

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