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Love in August? Valentine's Day in August?

Love. Isn’t it great? Don’t you love LOVE? I do. Even in August when it’s not Valentine’s Day, I love LOVE. Because God is love. When do you love LOVE best? I really love love on Valentine’s Day when you get hugs, kisses, and chocolates. But that’s a selfish kind of love, isn’t it? Is a hug the only way […]


Hope for Kenya

I met with Kenyan Pastor Joseph Kirwa today about the possibility of going to Kenya in August 2009 on a short-term missions trip to teach biblical counseling & discipleship principles to the PASTORS in Kenya. Please be in prayer about this that the Lord would lead us to do His will. Pastor Joseph counsels with me here on Fridays and wants Kenyans […]


Numbers for August 2008!

In just our 4th full month of ministry at only 2 locations for 2 days per week (keep up with all of that if you can), here are our August 2008 numbers for Truth in Love Ministries, Inc.: 74 people were counseled this month in 9 days of biblical counseling 23 of those were brand new to our ministry 13 of […]