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Prince, Fentanyl, and The Church

I could write a blog or two every single day about someone somewhere who has accidentally overdosed on opioids because of the alarming rates of accidental overdose deaths (note: these are not suicides but accidental deaths due to taking too much of a drug). On the same day that my blog entitled “Gospel Hope for an Epidemic” was posted on the Biblical […]

Dr. Mark Shaw Podcast with the Biblical Counseling Coalition

Dr. Mark E. Shaw had the opportunity to be interviewed by Curtis Solomon via the Biblical Counseling Coalition Podcast.Curtis and Mark had a fascinating video discussion of biblical counseling and addictions and covered a lot of ground in this 35 minute or so video: 3 basic heart issues in the struggle to overcome any sin in our lives (these are […]


Paul the Counselor: Voted One of the Best Books of 2014

It always humbles me to see others appreciate the hard work that goes into a book. And it is even more humbling when someone emails to say that a book has encouraged them in their walk with Christ. Both have happened with the new Paul the Counselor book that I edited with Bill Hines, author of Leaving Yesterday Behind, for […]