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World Radio’s Interview with Ken Ham

I am an unashamed Creationist and benefit greatly from Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis ministry. I heard this interview and wanted to share it with you. It is a World Magazine/Radio podcast where Ken articulates his defense of the Word of God, which we rely upon every day for the ministry of evangelism, disciple-making, and biblical counseling (a subset of […]


ACBC Podcast: The Bible and Alcoholics Anonymous

It was my privilege to be interviewed by Dr. Heath Lambert, ACBC President, about the dangers of A.A. for believers. You can listen to the podcast here (#38). What I appreciate about Dr. Lambert is his unwavering stance for truth and desire to present it in love (which is the name of our ministry, Truth In Love Ministries, and the name […]


New Wednesday Weekly Release called “Life Lessons” featuring…

Truth in Love Ministries is truly a TEAM ministry in every way. We are planning some regular releases of video content in days ahead and other written content by God’s grace and in His timing (not mine). One new weekly release begins Wednesday, January 29, 2014, and features a collaborative article from two authors: Rachel Shaw and Mark Shaw (her […]