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A NewDay of Hope for the Opioid Epidemic

Today’s announcement by the President that the opioid crisis will now be a national public health emergency will bring heightened awareness to this long-standing problem. That’s the good news. My hope is that the federal government will recognize faith-based entities like the places where I have been employed to be supported. Old approaches have not been working. It is time […]


Is Alcoholics Anonymous Biblical?

Some of you heard the one hour program called “Up for Debate” hosted by Julie Roys where Ken B. and I discussed the question: “Is A.A. biblical?” Afterward, I thought of 100 million things I wish I had said. Has that ever happened to you after a conversation or an interview? Not a great feeling. So I thought I would […]


Is Christianity biblical?

Of course that is a provocative question meant to provoke us to further thought, but I really think a fair one for Christians today. How biblical is our Christianity? I include myself in that question. How biblical is my Christian faith, is it based on Scripture or ideas I have heard from others? Is it biblical to do all of […]