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Dr. Charles Hodges – “Good Mood, Bad Mood” blog

One of my favorite authors is Dr. Charles Hodges who wrote “Good Mood Bad Mood.” His blog at the following link is great: http://www.goodmoodbadmood.com/blog.html Take a few moments and read his blog today about nicotine and addiction tied to intelligence (decreasing of it). He is a godly man and a medical doctor who believes in the power of Christ working […]


Blog Post on the BCC Website

Read my blog on “Addiction”: A Super-sized Issue? on the BCC website at the following link: http://t.co/6zVtCjtKMD We are getting the TRUTH out there that Jesus is the answer and His body (the local church) is the real hope (not secular entities with empty lies). -Mark (Praising God and excited about what HE alone is accomplishing for His own glory)


Today’s Blog Entry at the Biblical Counseling Coalition by Mark Shaw

I stepped out of “addiction” for one day and wrote a blog about “patience” and love on this national group’s website: http://biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/blogs/2013/01/17/never-pray-for-patience/ Check it out and post a positive comment or two! The website posts a blog every day so catch it today (January 17, 2013). -Mark (thankful to see God elevating biblical counseling’s importance in the eyes of the […]