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A Penn State tragedy lesson: Which is more important – character or education?

I blogged many months ago about the sins of omission and how they are not easily seen since they appear to be invisible at times. For example, NOT loving one’s wife may not be visible at all though it could be. The husband who simply drinks alcohol every night, goes out with his buddies, and plays golf on weekends while ignoring […]


What is your hope in?

Is your hope in the economy? Is your hope in your job or finances? Is your hope in the government? Is your hope in someone you know and love? Is your hope in temporal things on this earth? Why not “hope” in the character of God! God will be just as wise as He was last year. God will be […]


Psalm 131

I recommend you read this SHORT psalm when you can because it is so comforting. It reminds me NOT to strive to think about things that are “too profound for me” – but to trust God. The secret things belong to God and sometimes we think we can find answers that only God knows. God wants us to trust in Him, […]