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Tag: conviction


The Loving Call to Repent

It continues to amaze me how prevalent the victim mentality is being PROMOTED in our culture. Since Genesis 3:12-13 when Adam and Eve interacted with God’s counsel to them regarding their sin, all of the offspring of our first parents continue to look for ways to shift the blame for sinful choices from ourselves onto someone or something else. “It’s […]


What are your intentions?

When you read the title of today’s post, what came to mind?  Did you envision the father of a daughter grilling a perspective suiter?  Perhaps a friend who questioned your motives behind a certain action?  Do we ask ourselves this question hundreds of times a week?  What are our intentions?  Are they self satisfying, or God honoring?  It really made me think […]


A challenging song

An older gentleman in my church congregation read me this old song when I visited him a few days ago. It convicted me personally so I thought I would “blog” it for you to read. It made me think. See if it challenges you, too!             IF JESUS CAME TO YOUR HOUSE   If Jesus came […]