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Happy 10th Anniversary!

March 28, 2008, was a day I will never forget. We started counseling as Truth in Love Ministries (TIL) on that day with Dr. Jeff Young and Dr. Judy Jones co-counseling with me in two cases at Philadelphia Baptist Church on a Friday afternoon. Those two cases changed my life and the lives of many others. Over time, two persons […]


The Addiction Connection is launched!

A new ministry of Truth in Love Ministries has been launched called “The Addiction Connection” and we are excited about this new focused initiative on addiction at: www.theaddictionconnection.com     Be one of the first to go to this website as it is about a day “live” now! We’ve put together a national team of committed Christ followers to begin providing three things: […]


“What life is about and what counseling is about is what the Bible is about.”

David Powlison said: “What life is about and what counseling is about is what the Bible is about.” At Truth in Love Ministries, we love this quote because it is true. The Bible is NOT only a textbook for psychology but a SOURCE BOOK for psychology and all of life! It is a Book different than any other book. Truth in Love is […]