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Colts Linebacker Dies: Victim of a Drunk Driver

On Super Bowl Sunday, a day the NFL celebrates its sport by naming a season champion, the league grieves a tragic loss of life to one of its players. This time, the tragedy hit close to home for me. The issue of drunkenness is again a source of sorrow for the county I live in:  Marion County. The victims who […]


Homicides: A By-Product of Drug Addiction

Homicides have nearly doubled in Tijuana. 1,744 people died in 2017 and many of them were connected to drug dealing, drug abuse, and addictive choices. These deaths are the unintended consequences of addiction. The world-wide addiction problem could become our modern day bubonic plague that killed 25 million people in under 5 years in Europe in the Middle Ages. In […]


Tragedy in Aurora, CO described as incomprehensible…but it’s not!

John Boehner said that America can pull together “when confronted with evil we cannot comprehend.” But Christians CAN comprehend this evil because we understand the sinful nature of the human heart. We understand that James Holmes is capable of shooting people in a crowded movie theater shortly after midnight and even capable of doing much more evil than that because […]