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Addicted Nurses

Addiction cuts across all professions and all people because it is a spiritual heart problem. An article about drug abuse in the medical profession of nursing addresses the added temptation nurses have of handling medications. Most cases involving the discipline of nurses in Connecticut were substance abuse related (82%) and 51 additional cases involved a nurse surrendering a license so […]


Love in August? Valentine's Day in August?

Love. Isn’t it great? Don’t you love LOVE? I do. Even in August when it’s not Valentine’s Day, I love LOVE. Because God is love. When do you love LOVE best? I really love love on Valentine’s Day when you get hugs, kisses, and chocolates. But that’s a selfish kind of love, isn’t it? Is a hug the only way […]


Is Valentine's Day a complete and accurate picture of love?

Love. Isn’t it great? I just love to say the word “love”. Is there a better word than LOVE? Don’t you love LOVE?I do. At least, I think I do. Especially on Valentine’s Day when I get hugs, kisses, and chocolates. But is a hug the only way to express love? How does God express love to us, His dear […]