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The Sufficiency of Christ

There are a lot of “sufficient” things in the life of a Christian. Think about that for a minute. Because God is all we really need, we have sufficiency in Christ. Yet sometimes we forget that because we focus on the temporal situation of living in a fallen world but the Bible warns us to look to eternity in Colossians […]


Jesus Knows Suffering

Isn’t it great to have a God Who came to dwell among us (John 1) as Immanuel, God with us?!?!?!?!  How awesome to know that Jesus is an intimate God desiring a relationship with us, sinful mankind and that He sympathizes with our weaknesses! Our church’s theme for the year is “Finding Grace” and it is based upon Hebrews 4:14-16: […]


The Mind of an “Addict” Series: Rebellious Mentality vs. Be Submissive (5)

Again, this entire series is better detailed in my two books: Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies and Addiction-Proof Parenting. This blog series is just a quick slice of the pie on all of these 5 put-off mentalities and 5 marks of a transforming “addict”! Get the books for much more explanation! The final mentality is a result of the first four […]