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Colts Linebacker Dies: Victim of a Drunk Driver

On Super Bowl Sunday, a day the NFL celebrates its sport by naming a season champion, the league grieves a tragic loss of life to one of its players. This time, the tragedy hit close to home for me. The issue of drunkenness is again a source of sorrow for the county I live in:  Marion County. The victims who […]


Biblical Counseling Training Conference

Come to the Biblical Counseling Training Conference (BCTC) which will be held in Lafayette, Indiana at Faith Church on February 9-14, 2014. You will hear from a variety of different speakers including Randy Patten, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Brad Bigney, Martha Peace, Steve Viars, Charles Ware, Rob Green, and many more! I will be presenting, too, and talking a lot about Vision […]


Bitter Pill

I have honestly not had much time to peruse the website like I desire to, but I found an interesting Indiana website about the epidemic and dangers of prescription drug use at http://www.in.gov/bitterpill/ There are testimonies and great facts presented on this website like: “Every 25 minutes someone dies from a prescription drug overdose.” Then it’s got a clock timing your time […]