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Dr. Mark Shaw Podcast with the Biblical Counseling Coalition

Dr. Mark E. Shaw had the opportunity to be interviewed by Curtis Solomon via the Biblical Counseling Coalition Podcast.Curtis and Mark had a fascinating video discussion of biblical counseling and addictions and covered a lot of ground in this 35 minute or so video: 3 basic heart issues in the struggle to overcome any sin in our lives (these are […]


Romania in November 2013

Mary and I are headed BACK to Romania. We first went in January of 2013 and now are planning to be there teaching at Areopagus again November 8-9th. In January, I taught the biblical approach of addiction. I preached at 2 churches and I was on a 30 minute radio program. It was an amazing trip. In November, I am […]


Pray for Me: Workshop at NANC/ACBC today!

I am teaching a workshop at the NANC (or ACBC) Annual Conference today and could use your prayers! My title is on the topic of how to develop an addiction program in the local church. It should be a great time. My prayer is that God would be glorified and the hearers would be emboldened and empowered for greater ministry. […]