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Why Some Women Want a Man Around

Now, this blog is written in a spirit of fun so just relax and try not to get offended when you read it, Ladies! We’ll pick on the Gentlemen next! Having counseled for thousands of years now (ok, not that long but it sometimes seems like it), I find it interesting when a woman says “I want to have a […]


Everyone wants the end result but no one wants to…

…put in the hard work and sacrifice required to get there. This is true of counselees and it’s true of me! I want the result but do I want to pay my dues? In other words, people want well-behaved children. They want that end result. However, they are not willing to spend the time training their children and disciplining them […]


Knowing God

Do you know facts about God? Or do you KNOW God intimately? There is a difference. God wants you to know Him relationally, deeply, and intimately. He doesn’t want you to simply know facts about Him. When you know Him, you find eternal life (John 17:3; I John 5:20). Think about that: eternal life is knowing God, not knowing a […]