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3 Phrases to Describe Biblical Obedience

Teaching children the importance of biblical obedience is vital in parenting. Significantly, it’s good to keep in mind that we sin against a holy, heavenly Father just like our kids do. If your child does sin against you by disobeying, a good question to ask yourself daily is this: “Am I responding the way my Heavenly Father would respond to […]


Mark on Las Vegas radio this Saturday, May 5th, talking about gambling and internet “addiction”

Funny and true story: I snore. I wear a CPAP now but I have snored since I was a skinny, young man. At the breakfast table recently, my 11 year old daughter said to me, “Daddy, in science, I learned about the respiratory system that when someone lays on their back, they snore.” My 8 year old son replied to […]


Why I Do NOT Recommend Sleepovers for Children

Are sleepovers really necessary to the growth and development of children? Really? How beneficial are they? Well, as a biblical counselor, I hear all kinds of stories about what happens at sleepovers – the majority of them not good. I hear about first time uses of alcohol, marijuana, even cocaine, sexual abuse, sexual experimentation, watching inappropriate movies (sex, horror, language, […]