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Dr. Mark Shaw Podcast with the Biblical Counseling Coalition

Dr. Mark E. Shaw had the opportunity to be interviewed by Curtis Solomon via the Biblical Counseling Coalition Podcast.Curtis and Mark had a fascinating video discussion of biblical counseling and addictions and covered a lot of ground in this 35 minute or so video: 3 basic heart issues in the struggle to overcome any sin in our lives (these are […]


Please pray for men serving in Ukraine!

2 men who serve in TIL Ministries are in the Ukraine teaching PASTORS the Word of God. We are so thankful to God for providing the opportunity for these men to serve Him. What a vital ministry to teach pastors who are going to be equipping their flocks in the Ukraine! One Ukrainian pastor said that this is the best […]


an opportunity to train hundreds of pastors in the Ukraine

One of the really neat things the Lord is doing is opening up a door for us to go to the Ukraine to train hundreds of pastors in biblical counseling in October. We are prayerfully trusting God to be able to have the available time to pursue this opportunity and the necessary funds. A plane ticket alone may cost over […]