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Featured Booklet on Gambling

Our featured Booklet this week is Mark Shaw’s Hope and Help for Gambling, Focus Publishing, Bemidji, MN, 2007. Mark, as a part of a team of biblical counselors in Birmingham, AL, decided to write short helpful booklets to provide a starting point for those they were counseling at a local church. This entire series was birthed from Dr. Howard Eyrich’s […]


Let me introduce you to Charlotte Thornton!

Today, I have the privilege to introduce to you a long-time Truth In Love volunteer biblical counselor for over 3 years now. She’s served the Lord in so many different facets of ministry … that it’s hard to list them all! But I’ll try my best and hope I got ’em all! Currently, Charlotte Thornton is a mentor/disciple-maker of women at Glen […]


Think on These Things

Biblical counselor Charlotte Thornton hosts a program called “Think on These Things” sponsored by her home church, Glen Iris Baptist Church, with guest Shirley Crowder, who does volunteer to do biblical counseling at her local church. “Think on These Things” airs each Saturday at 2 pm Central Time. We enjoy the format of applying biblical principles to real-life situations. Each week, we […]