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Self-Help Talk: Does It Make Sense?

Watch this five minute cartoon on YouTube that pokes holes in the circular reasoning and real comments made in the self-help industry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5-Q0lJTYek The clip is called “AA don’t quit before the miracle.” Prepare to laugh at some of the ridiculous reasoning. And prepare to get sick at your stomach if you believe that there is hope in Christ alone […]


"Jesus is my sponsor! He is my friend!"

At self-help meetings, one is encouraged to get a sponsor which is someone to disciple them in the principles of the secular, self-help program. The problem is that a sponsor may not be a Christian. So how can someone learn about Christ from a person who is NOT a Christian? They cannot if the person is not following Christ! So […]


Admission is not Confession!

In the self-help programs, the first step is to ADMIT you are powerless. It’s not a confession but an admission. There is a big difference. Anyone can admit a problem but confession is an admission to God rendering a change of heart through repentance. Someone in the Bible in Exodus 9:27 and Exodus 10:16 “admitted” his problem but it didn’t […]