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Two at a Time!

I am a multi-tasker. Not that I do all of the tasks well, but I like to accomplish two things at one time. I heard a song called “One Small Step” by a group called Downhere. I like those guys because they are theologically sound (for the most part) and smart. This song in particular has the following lyric in […]


One small step, three at a time!

A song I listened to over and over this morning is called “One Small Step” by downhere (www.downhere.com). The main idea of the song is so comforting in that we do not have to walk through life alone but can have brothers and sisters in Christ to join us in that journey. A lyric says, “We’ll take one small step, […]


Jesus KNOWS me this I love!

Do you remember the song, Jesus Loves Me? How about this new twist: Jesus KNOWS me this I love! Praise the Lord! Does Jesus KNOW you? If you are born again, He does! He’s given His life for our counselees and that’s why we see results in their lives according to these verses in John 10:14-15: “I am the good […]