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Funny picture (but sad reality)

You’ll have to use your imagination for this one b/c I did NOT have a camera to take a picture for you. Recently, I saw a pair of 15 year olds walking together & holding hands (boy & girl). However, in their other hand each of them was holding a cell phone, looking down, and texting someone else! Both of them were […]


What does TIL offer?

You may not be aware that Truth in Love has biblical counselors who are equipped to address the following problems in a BIBLICAL manner: Career Transition Counseling Marital Counseling Parental Counseling Child/Teen Counseling “Addiction” Counseling (of all types) Individual Counseling for Anger, Fear, Worry, and Sadness (depression) Counseling for Men to become Leaders in their homes Counseling for Women for all types of […]