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All We Can Say Is…

…Thank you! Many times when I first begin to pray, all I can think to say is “Thank You!” to the Lord! Really, what else is there to say most of the time but “Thank You, God!” There are so many thanksgiving verses in the Bible expressing gratitude to the Lord that I wrote an entire Appendix of references in […]


Spring Newsletter 2014 is here!

Truth In Love has a Spring 2014 Newsletter! Learn more about the women’s ministry outreach at The Lovelady Center, The Addiction Connection, and how to pray for Truth In Love Ministries. Read the newsletter by clicking the link below: TIL Spring 2014 Newsletter


National Transformation Month

It’s September so the world celebrates “National Recovery Month” which is a GOOD thing but I have a better thing to celebrate for Christ followers: “National Transformation Month.” That’s what God offers the true believer in Jesus Christ: transformation! God wants to go beyond recovery to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit! How cool is that goal […]