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Featured Booklet on Gambling

Our featured Booklet this week is Mark Shaw’s Hope and Help for Gambling, Focus Publishing, Bemidji, MN, 2007. Mark, as a part of a team of biblical counselors in Birmingham, AL, decided to write short helpful booklets to provide a starting point for those they were counseling at a local church. This entire series was birthed from Dr. Howard Eyrich’s […]


Is Alcoholics Anonymous Biblical?

Some of you heard the one hour program called “Up for Debate” hosted by Julie Roys where Ken B. and I discussed the question: “Is A.A. biblical?” Afterward, I thought of 100 million things I wish I had said. Has that ever happened to you after a conversation or an interview? Not a great feeling. So I thought I would […]

The Sufficiency of Christ

There are a lot of “sufficient” things in the life of a Christian. Think about that for a minute. Because God is all we really need, we have sufficiency in Christ. Yet sometimes we forget that because we focus on the temporal situation of living in a fallen world but the Bible warns us to look to eternity in Colossians […]