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New Video for Addiction-Proof Parenting

Wanted to share this great new video produced for Addiction-Proof Parenting:  http://youtu.be/4CO2NwbQvDM -Mark (thanks to Pastor Michael Duncan at Literary Video Creations: www.literaryvideocreations.com )


New Video for The Heart of Addiction

Go to this link to see a new video for The Heart of Addiction: http://www.literaryvideocreations.com/markshaw2.html Special thanks to Pastor Michael Duncan at Literary Creations for his work on this! -Mark (glad to have talented people serving the King and His kingdom)


My son on Godtube

Our family devotion times in our house are special. Not only do we study the Word of God but we sing praises to the Father, also! When you read below, maybe you’ll see why we enjoy our time of home worship so very much. We praise God for His grace and mercy! Less than 2 years, a dear brother of […]