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World Radio’s Interview with Ken Ham

I am an unashamed Creationist and benefit greatly from Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis ministry. I heard this interview and wanted to share it with you. It is a World Magazine/Radio podcast where Ken articulates his defense of the Word of God, which we rely upon every day for the ministry of evangelism, disciple-making, and biblical counseling (a subset of […]


WORLD Magazine

Someone emailed me this morning and told me that my books are featured in a half page ad in WORLD Magazine this current issue on page 8. I have a very supportive publisher who believes in the message that Christ is the answer for all addictions and that the Gospel must be central to that message! I wish the church would […]


Check out the top right corner of World Mag.com!

Go to the this link and see the ad on the World Magazine website for Addiction-Proof Parenting: http://www.worldmag.com/index.cfm Focus Publishing seeks to glorify God through its resources and I’m happy to be on the Focus team! -Mark (thanking the Lord that His message will continue to reach others!)