Brenda Lovelady Spahn, Founder, President, The Lovelady Center, the largest transitional housing facility for women in the U.S.

As Founder and Executive Director of the Lovelady Center in Birmingham I am honored to endorse, Relapse, Mark Shaw’s latest in his series of books on addictions.  The Lovelady Center is a transitional facility for troubled women who have struggled with all kinds of trials in overcoming their personal addictions.  For years, we searched for the best curriculum we could find with which to teach our women.  We now are firmly grounded with his books. He has a gift and a passion for speaking the truth of God’s Word in the love of the Holy Spirit to all those he comes in contact here with our 400+ women, or in the context of the biblical counseling he offers at local churches all over the greater Birmingham area. Mark has a simple, purely biblical way of teaching and encouraging in love that few possess, and he’s able to pull off telling people the hardest of truths and lead them to experience the love of the Holy Spirit in such a way they keep coming back for more. If you want to understand the BIG truths of God’s Word as they relate to your seemingly insurmountable problem of addiction, then read Relapse and ALL of Mark’s books on addiction. He gives down to earth, practical explanations of the problem from God’s perspective as He reveals in His Word. With the forgiveness of sins from Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s power which come to all who believe in Him, all can be transformed to overcome any addiction for the glory of God.