Fred Bucci endorses Mark Shaw’s new book Relapse

“Dr. Mark Shaw’s goal is biblical transformation, not behavior
modification. He exposes the heart attitudes that drive the habitual, destructive manner in which an addict satisfies instinctive, fleshly desires as the root of the problem, which is a worship disorder. He then shows how the sufficiency of Christ and Scriptures are to be understood in a very practical way. As a former addict/enslaved person myself, this book brought biblical conviction and understanding to my heart because of its scriptural truths.  The title
‘Relapse’ is appropriate because so many addicts are as ‘dogs returning to vomit’. Mark helps to exalt the beauty of Christ and worshiping Him over the inferior worship of idols.  It is a very good, practical book and I highly recommend it.”

Fred Bucci
Bachelor of Practical Ministry in Biblical Counseling, Master’s Divinity School
Certified Biblical Counselor with NANC and IABC
Co-Founder, Elder and Counselor, Cornerstone Community Church, Mayfield Heights, Ohio
Business Owner/Operator, 30 years, Cleveland, Ohio

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