Jay Younts

Help For Cutters

“Mark Shaw has written a valuable, biblically based booklet on cutting and self-injury. This is not a pleasant topic, but it is a real problem, and it needs to be addressed. Self-injury is another way people attempt to cope with the pain of personal loss and brokenness, and it is more prevalent than we would like to admit. Perhaps the most famous cutter was Princess Diana,which shows that cutting is not something restricted to problem teenagers. Dr. Shaw offers clear, compassionate counsel for those struggling with self-injury and their families. This booklet is written in an accessible, narrative style. It provides a superb balance of medical descriptions,insight into the personal agony that comes with cutting, and clear biblical teaching that speaks directly to those caught in the web of self-injury. If you want to find wise, gospel-based counsel,as well as gain understanding about this problem, this booklet is the place to start.”

Jay Younts
Author of Everyday Talk
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