Steve Gallagher, author, Founder of Pure Life Ministries, endorses “Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies”

“For too long, Christians have been leaning on the broken-reed teachings of psychotherapy to find answers to their problems. The best these ‘experts’ can offer the struggling addict is to label his behavior a disease and attempt to curb that which they cannot cure. How refreshing then is Dr. Mark Shaw’s most recent book, Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies, in which he leads his readers down the ‘ancient paths’ of biblical wisdom. By calling addictive behavior SIN, he directs the addict to the one solution that actually works: a right relationship with Jesus Christ.” Steve Gallagher, certified biblical counselor, author, and Founder of Pure Life Ministries –

(COMING SOON 2011! “Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies” by Dr. Mark Shaw,¬†Focus Publishing, Bemidji, MN – To order visit¬†