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The Biblical Counseling Coalition: Announcement of a New National Organization

Dr. Robert Kellemen, who wrote the foreword to my book, Strength in Numbers: The Team Approach to Biblical Counseling, is the Executive Director of a new national organization being formed to unite biblical counselors. Their goals are good and we all are hoping not to dilute the message of truth while uniting with one another in bringing more people and resources together to proclaim the Gospel through the context of discipleship through biblical counseling. It is a difficult task to open wider the gates yet not dilute the message so please pray for the BCC as it launches officially this week.

Also, please pray for me as I have been asked to serve and am prayerfully considering serving on four leadership teams for this coalition. You all know I am about unity in the body of Christ, the sufficient truth of God’s Word, and the love of the Holy Spirit delivered through all saints and followers of Christ so I am honored to consider serving the Lord with these men and women. Please also note that their main text is the same text Truth in Love Ministries was founded upon!

Here is the official announcement below for you to read in its entirety as written by the team in the BCC:

The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Promoting Personal Change Centered on the Person of Christ

Ephesians 4:11-16

Leaders Unite to Launch the Biblical Counseling Coalition

During the past year, over two-dozen leading pastors, biblical counselors, and Christian educators have been prayerfully discussing whether the time is right to launch a new coalition of organizations, leaders, and participants in the biblical counseling movement. Those leaders are excited to announce the official launch of the Biblical Counseling Coalition (www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org).

Pastor Steve Viars, the President of the BCC Board of Directors, captures the BCC’s purpose.

“The BCC is all about promoting relationships and providing resources. There are many tremendous organizations and individuals involved in the biblical counseling movement. The BCC seeks to connect such men and women in a way that creates a natural and healthy synergy. We believe that together we can accomplish more.”

The coalition’s Mission Statement further focuses the BCC’s vision.

The BCC exists to strengthen churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions by promoting excellence and unity in biblical counseling as a means to accomplish compassionate outreach and effective discipleship.

The BCC wants to be a catalyst further strengthening and unifying already-existing biblical counseling ministries, churches, and schools committed to biblical counseling. The BCC is a bridging ministry keeping people connected to and informed about conferences, blogs, resources, and classes offered by other biblical counseling ministries.

The BCC’s Executive Director, Dr. Bob Kellemen, highlights the three-fold audience to which the BCC seeks to minister.

“We want to strengthen the biblical counseling movement by ministering to people who offer care, people who are seeking care, and people who train care-givers. For example, on our site and in links to other sites, people will find blogs, book reviews, videos, and resource articles on a topic such as depression. Some of those resources will be written for those who offer care—pastors, biblical counselors, lay spiritual friends. Some will be written to help the person who is seeking care for depression to find biblical hope and wisdom. Some will discuss depression from a theological perspective so that those who train care-givers can be stretched through the iron-sharpening-iron process.”

The Biblical Counseling Coalition seeks to serve the entire church. Pastor Garrett Higbee, who serves as the Treasurer of the BCC Board, explains that:

“More than counseling, the vision of the BCC is for the entire church to speak God’s truth in love. We want to motivate and equip folks at the most basic levels of self-counsel, one-another ministry, small group leadership, and intentional discipleship. We want counseling with truth and love to become viral in the church and to be a foundational part of every discipleship-based ministry.”

Learn more about the BCC’s robust, relational vision of biblical counseling by visiting the Biblical Counseling Coalition (www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org). At our “under construction” website you’ll find: 

  • The BCC’s Confessional Statement
  • The BCC’s Doctrinal Statement
  • The BCC’s Mission/Vision/Passion Statement
  • A Welcome from Pastor Steve Viars, the President of the BCC’s Board of Directors
  • A Welcome from Dr. Bob Kellemen, the Executive Director of the BCC
  • Bios of the BCC’s Board of Directors and Council Board Members
  • Testimonials: “Why We Need the BCC”
  • Coming Soon: A Listing of Resources the BCC Will Be Offering

 In Christ’s Grace,

 Your BCC Board of Directors

 Garrett Higbee, Bob Kellemen, Tim Lane, Randy Patten, David Powlison, Steve Viars

 The Biblical Counseling Coalition

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Lafayette, IN 47905

Website: www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org

Email: info@biblicalcc.org and bob.kellemen@biblicalcc.org

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/BiblicalCounselingCoalition 

Phone: 765-416-3222

Promoting Personal Change Centered on the Person of Christ

Ephesians 4:11-16

-Mark (interested to see how the Lord uses this new coalition for His own glory)