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Victory or Obedience: Which Comes First?

There is an excellent article written by this same title by a dear brother in Christ named Dr. Rick Thomas, Founder of Mt. Carmel Ministires. I think it’s worth your effort to read.

Dr. Thomas says this about the question – “Victory or Obedience: Which Comes First?”:

This may appear to be a simplistic question warranting no response.  Of course the nouthetic counselor understands that obedience precedes victory.  We, the nouthetic counselors, prescribe to this premise but do those we counsel adhere to this principle?  Victory sounds so much better.  It is easier to swallow.  Victory has a certain ring to it.  Victory has a charm and romanticism.  One conjures up a strong military general who marches in and sets the captives free.  Or a Cinderella story of a handsome prince who rescues a damsel lying in death’s grip because of the wicked queen! 

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-Mark (grateful to the Lord for nouthetic counselors like Dr. Rick Thomas who makes us all think!)