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When the goal is NOT just clean and sober

Many people want to help drug addicts and alcoholics to get off of drugs but that is NOT our primary goal at TIL.

Instead, our primary goal is to glorify God and then to care for the soul. So what’s the difference?

Well, for starters, we must tell people the truth and speak it in love. We must point people to Christ as the answer for their sin problem. We must be Gospel-driven. We must be Christ-centered. We must be Holy Spirit-empowered. We must be biblical and rightly interpret the Word of God. We must seek to please God first and then man.

So if we want to please God yet are nervous about sharing the Gospel, then we have to use biblical language, talk about sin, and talk about our need for a Savior. We must be bold to proclaim the truth in love to hurting souls because ONLY Christ has the power to heal the brokenhearted.

We are caring for souls both in this life (clean and sober goal) and in the life to come (eternal goal of leading them to Christ for salvation).

-Mark (thankful for bigger goals than just being clean and sober)

3 thoughts on “When the goal is NOT just clean and sober”

  1. Great post! Of course the ultimate goal is salvation,but in my experience we have to meet people where their at spiritually and establish trust with them through our empathy and compassion first. That’s where the work is,and it’s a place most people would rather avoid in counseling people from a Christian perspective. After we’ve established this bond people will take our hand and walk toward the goal, but unless you put in the time and show them the love that God has for them you’ll never overcome the fear that has them in bondage.

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